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About Me


Why am I doing this

I’m glad you’re here

About Me

I have changed multiple times. The life I live now was impossible to even think of and this process is still ongoing.

I am just grateful for not being trapped in ideas, fears and unhealthy habits any more. And there are is always more to discover, more beautiful realizations.

The Work I am doing changed me from the inside out. It wiped out my old self by looking deep into my believes. Lies I was living and defending, even though they were never mine and made me feel unhappy and dead inside most of my life.

This change, which occurred in the process, came from somewhere else. It was something within me, hidden in plain sight. It only required me to open up. 

This opening up showed me that there was something hidden in those lies I was living and defending, which was the most beautiful discovery of the unique flavor of myself. 


Now I deeply desire to pass that on, so you can experience freedom yourself. 

I can’t wait to work with you.

The Coaching with Oliver is challenging and inspiring.

I am eternally grateful for the freedom this has given me.

Barbara B.

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